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Make a Difference

Create an Assembly

Forget fliers. Create an assembly and rally support from anywhere in the US. Getting noticed has never been easier.

Fund an Assembly

Put your money where your mouth is. Fund assemblies happening anywhere in the US. Supporting the causes you care about is now simpler than ever.

Join an Assembly

Participate in change. Join an assembly near you. Stand for something you believe in, or advocate for someone who can't.

Our Solution

We are an app that enables the 99% to crowd fund and crowdsource their representation. Money is a constitutionally protected form of free speech. Large corporations can take advantage of this in a way that the average person cannot. Corporations use this fact, paying lobbyists and actors to represent their ideas to politicians and create fake grass roots support, to great effect.

The loudest form of free speech we have is protesting but this is always very costly - the time cost required to participate, organize and related efforts come at a financial loss. This is noble, but for many people with 40-hour work weeks it is also unreasonable. These people necessarily opt out of assembling, weakening our strongest voice.

We provide a platform for crowd funding representation. Anyone can launch an assembly, anyone can provide funding, and anyone can act as a representative for compensation. UpVoice creates a line of support from people who don't have time to represent themselves, to people who have the time but not the means. We hope to inspire action and fuel public assembly in a way that has never been seen, strengthening our most powerful voice.

We want to give power back to anyone who has ever felt their voice limited by a lack of funding. If the idea of funded public assembly makes you uneasy, that's normal. It's an odd concept, but it already exists. Consider this: we pay others to watch our children because our time is very valuable – if we’re willing to pay others to watch our children, having others represent us thousands of miles away in the centers of power in a visible way cannot be controversial. We hope that our crowd funding model will even the playing field.

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Manage Assemblies with UpVoice


Create A Protest

Excercise your Constitutional right to Free Speech and Assembly!

Assemblies are the the main way for citizens to ask their representative government for redress. We all understand that the constitution guarantees us the right to physically gather and demand change, but what good is the right to assembly if taking the time to do so means you risk your livelihood, home, and health?

Now those with the means and not the time can generate the attention they need for causes they are passionate about by putting their hard earned money to work for them.

Fund Your Cause

Crowd fund causes with your credit card. Let your money speak for you.

Three thousand miles away from power, and mortgage got you tied down? Now you can make your money work for you. With UpVoice you have a platform to level the playing field, as united citizens asking for redress.

Fund a representative assembler to physically voice your priorities. Let those in power know that a job and mortgage won't keep you from pooling your resources and making yourself heard.


Become a Representative Assembler

Now you can get reimbursed for supporting causes you care about.

With UpVoice, you can participate in causes you are passionate about, and get reimbursed for media you take and share of the event.

Show up, bring a picket sign, and you will get reimbursed for your time when you share images and videos of the event through social media.

  • 1
    Create an Account

    It's easy. Log in with Twitter, Facebook or email & password.

  • 2
    Create an Assembly.

    Select a location, specify your slogans, specify social media tags, specify the hourly pay rate for the event. Change the world.

  • 3
    Fund an Assembly

    Pay with your credit card to fund an assembly and pool your resources with other citizens for a large physically visible display of your political strength.

  • 4

    Join an event. Raise awareness for the cause of your sponsor. Meet new exciting people who share interests in your cause. Get reimbursed for performing a valuable civic duty.


Frequently Asked Questions

Is this legal?

You have a First Amendment right to free speech and assembly. The First Amendment unfortunately does not guarantee you the time to assemble - add a job, a mortgage and living paycheck to paycheck as most Americans do, and your right to free speech and assembly mean nothing. The same way your employer pays large sums of money to be heard in the halls of power, you can now put your money to work to ask your government for redress in a visible way.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept Visa and Mastercard.
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When should I consider UpVoice?

  • When your Government allows contracts to take away your right to sue in court, your Government works for them, not for you.
  • When your Government allows for-profit insurance companies to deny life saving treatment, your Government works for them, not for you.
  • When your Government allows Corporations to dump toxic waste into your local wells, rivers and water, your Government works for them, not for you.
  • When your Government allows Corporations to pollute, changing the climate and causing mortal danger to you, your family, and future generations, your Government works for them, not for you.
  • When your Government works for the few, and not for you.
  • Is this immoral?

    There are those who suggest that giving up your job, mortgage, healthcare, livelihood is a requirement for assembling. They will tell you that you are only allowed to ask your government to change at a personal loss to you, putting your family, job, and health on the line. "The assembly is not real if you're not losing your job!" They ignore those of us who have anti-assembling clauses in our work contracts. Those of us who have been forced to trade our rights to assemble for a paycheck to feed our children. We believe asking anyone to forgo their livelihood when asking their government for change is immoral. We believe the free market of ideas should be accessible to the entire populace through representative assemblers. Corporations have no shame when they pool their money and resources together to effectively influence your elected representatives. Why should you?

    Can anyone participate?

    Yes. Our Constitution guarantees us the freedom of speech and the right to assemble as rights that cannot be taken away. The United States Supreme Court has further affirmed that spending money is equivalent to free speech. We provide an organized way to give citizen's priorities physical visibility. Anyone can create an assembly. Anyone can fund an assembly. Anyone can participate to represent your priorities in a publicly visible way.

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    *Works on iOS 10.0.5+, Android Kitkat and above.

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